New Zealand’s 10 Greatest Hot Rods

Hot rods NZ 12

Two years ago while working in a restaurant in Martinborough, I heard a big storm coming. The thunder growled and seemed close-by, so I went outside to check the skies. The skies were clear, but on the road was an amazing blue bird, one of NZ’s original hot rods.

And it was loud: this beautiful old muscle car roared as it came towards me.

This, my friends, is how I met the Cruise Martinborough event. Muscle cars and hot rods were a fixture on New Zealand’s roads when I was growing up, but I never knew there was a community committed to their preservation and exhibition.

Established 4 years ago, Cruise Martinborough is one of New Zealand’s youngest events. Started by Damien Pivac in “Year zero“ (2014), at first there were just a couple of cars. “Year one“ (2015) had a couple dozens cars, and now this year (2017) there were almost 300.

But it wasn’t the numbers that fascinated me most. Cruise Martinborough was my first encounter with vintage car people and what I noticed most was their passion. Their vehicles aren’t just cars, they’re a lifestyle. I took my camera and got amongst them to learn more.

Everyone was really friendly and happy to talk about their cars and their lives. People met up with friends from previous years, talking cars and enjoying each-others’ company.

It was great to capture the life style and people behind the popularity of hot rods.

Below are the 10 greatest Hot Rods in New Zealand