New Zealand Parody Of BBC Interview With Kids Is Hilarious

parody of bbc interview

Everyone remembers the viral BBC video of South Korea expert Professor Robert Kelly, being interrupted live-on-air by his two kids. The video spread fast and far, with parents, remote workers, bosses, and the videos’ stars all engaging in a public debate about the perils of working from home.

In the original video, Kelly’s daughter enters the room, followed by the baby in a walker, lastly followed by a very panicked mom scrambling on all fours.


It’s always fun when a serious news item goes awry, and again this time NZ radio hosts Jono & Ben decided to make a parody of the situation.

Their re-imagined video stars a woman doing a similar TV interview.

Exploiting the stereotype of gendered division of labour in work and the home, the woman holds a baby, feeds it, and continues the interview.

What about cooking a roast chicken, cleaning a toilet, and completing some household chores? Check, she manages to do them too, all while being interviewed.

At the end, her husband comes asking about his socks.

Jono and Ben did a great job as many people were fooled into thinking it was real. What do you think?

                                                                                                                     Video Credit: Youtube / Jono & Ben