New Zealand Parody Of BBC Interview With Kids Is Hilarious

parody of bbc interview
parody of bbc interview

Everyone remembers the viral BBC video of South Korea expert Professor Robert Kelly, being interrupted live-on-air by his two kids. The video spread fast and far, with parents, remote workers, bosses, and the videos’ stars all engaging in a public debate about the perils of working from home.

In the original video, Kelly’s daughter enters the room, followed by the baby in a walker, lastly followed by a very panicked mom scrambling on all fours.

Robert Kelly

It’s always fun when a serious news item goes awry, and again this time NZ radio hosts Jono & Ben decided to make a parody of the situation.

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Their re-imagined video stars a woman doing a similar TV interview.

Exploiting the stereotype of gendered division of labour in work and the home, the woman holds a baby, feeds it, and continues the interview.

What about cooking a roast chicken, cleaning a toilet, and completing some household chores? Check, she manages to do them too, all while being interviewed.

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At the end, her husband comes asking about his socks.

Jono and Ben did a great job as many people were fooled into thinking it was real. What do you think?

                                                                                                                     Video Credit: Youtube / Jono & Ben