Group of Kiwi’s steal Australian Island

new zeland island2

Never ones to pass up the chance to add some fuel to the Australia/ New Zealand rivalry, six opportunistic Kiwi’s have taken it upon themselves to claim a small Aussie island as their own. Now officially titled ‘New New Zealand Island’ – or NNZI for short – the island is located in the middle of Victoria’s Golburn River and also boasts its own Facebook page and Website.

The ‘bored’ expats decided to spice up a birthday party by wading through murky water to reach the island, proudly donning it with the kiwi flag and calling it their own since it is not recognized by either Google Maps or Trip Adviser.

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new zeland island
Image: Facebook

“New Zealand has an army of smaller islands but this will be the first offshore island of its kind. An island of New Zealand completely surrounded by another country; Australia,” Jeremy Shanks, one of the six pioneers declared

“Australians, we are not here for war. We are just seeking recognition of our newly-found land.”

Public reaction has been varied Mr Shanks said – the positive support is more due to oblivious locals not realising it isn’t an Australian flag than Kiwi patronage.

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The founders say the emotions evoked by the island range from “the smell of fresh laundry” to “a Netflix login that your friend lets you use” to “free garlic bread with your pizza”. With plans to add to the ambience with a chilly bin and a potentially some deck chairs the group are calling for some comments from Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern about whether offshore visitors will need to apply for a visa to get on the island.

At time of print they are yet to receive a response.

See their website here