Giant squid washes up on New Zealand beach

giant squid beach nz 2

A 4.5M long cephalopod washed up on the south coast of The Capital, Wellington, New Zealand, easily eclipsing the mere mortals that dare to lie beside it.

Daniel Aplin / Facebook
Daniel Aplin / Facebook

Daniel and his two brothers, Jack, and Matthew Aplin told Newstalk ZB that they were diving when they saw the creature.

“My brother said ‘what’s that over there?’ and pointed it out,” Daniel told the radio station. “It was right next to the track so we pulled over and we were like: ‘It’s a big squid’.”

He said that “After we went for a dive we went back to the squid and got a tape measure out, and it measured 4.2 meters long.”

A spokesperson from the Department of Conservation said while appearances are not common, they do appear from time to time.