Get ready For The Rat Apocalypse As Numbers Explode Across New Zealand

Rat Apocalypse NZ
Rat Apocalypse NZ

Bad News for New Zealanders this winter as hungry rodents head indoors.

Rat and mice numbers are exploding throughout New Zealand thanks to a long dry summer. Which has been ideal breeding conditions for rodents and has caused a major spike in population growth.

Direct Pest Control owner Doug Morris, said that in some parts of Remuera in Auckland, residents are too afraid to go outside due to the number of rats.

“It’s not the home owners’ fault, it’s just an older Auckland area, with lots of bush, lots of gullies, a lot of rat habitat,” Doug Morris says.

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Female Rats can have more than five litters a year with each consisting of more than 14 babies. With each of the babies being able to reproduce at only a few months old.

Rodents threaten New Zealand’s native wildlife including; birds, insects, geckos and plants.

Conservation groups have been fighting rodents plague as they destroy the environment, and at this stage they are not winning the war.

Rodents are also about to cause issues with New Zealand’s food supply by eating crops such as carrots and pumpkins.


A few tips to keep Rodents at bay around your place this winter.

  • Keep rubbish at bay – make sure all rubbish in and around your yard and inside your home is kept in sealed containers.
  • Feed your pets only what they need – Rats love dog, cat, bird and chicken food
  • Clear out your sheds – clear out sheds and storage areas, remove anything you no longer use.
  • Cut your grass – Long grass are havens for rats and mice.
  • Seal compost bins – ensure your compost bin is completely sealed and preferably off the ground.
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