Free Movement Between Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand Proposed Post-Brexit

Free Movement Between Canada UK Australia and New Zealand
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A non-profit group which promotes movement freedom between Canada, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand is going to submit its plan to the UK government.

Great Britain has officially declared its departure from the EU this week, and will negotiate the next 2 years to decide the divorce terms.

CANZUK International is sure that for Britain a step forward would be free trade and movement of people with Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Chief Executive James Skinner reported that he would submit the plan to the UK government in the next week.

“We have already received support from multiple high-profile politicians and diplomats,” said Skinner by email. “We have also arranged meetings with senior government officials to get our proposals underway.”

All the suggestions for CANZUK countries can be found below:

  1. Citizens of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK should have equal right to live and work in each others’ countries
  2. The movement freedom should be based on the Trans-Tasman Travel Agreement between Australia and New Zealand
  3. Customs restrictions must be removed and free trade agreement should be signed between the CANZUK countries
  4. There should be cooperation between CANZUK countries on intelligence, defense, and foreign policy.
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While having the right of free movement, people holding CANZUK passport can do any kind of work in other countries.

As CANZUK reported, a January 2017 poll resulted in the fact that 77% of Canadians are not against the freedom of movement with Britain, Australia, and New Zealand.

At the same time, the same poll reported that 64% of British support it, 72% of Australians and 81% of Kiwis like the ideas too.


In order to make this happen, the organization has launched a petition on which has had great results with more than 181,275 signatures.

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As CANZUK International site reports, Skinner has worked largely in the Australian and British governments.

And now he has been joined by Chairman John Bender and Member of the Advisory Board Sir Michael Craig-Cooper in his CANZUK quest.

Same sovereign and same language

It is quite good news that this group is not alone in expanding this idea.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott have supported the free movement idea too.

Skinner said that these 4 countries are developed enough to exist under free movement protocol.

“Canada will be part of our CANZUK negotiations as it shares numerous similarities with Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom; the same Sovereign, the same respect for democracy, the same common law legal system and the same language,” he said.