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Leaving the comfort of your home can be a scary thing, but moving to an entirely new country can really be scary. Though luckily for us if you move to New Zealand, it can be an epic adventure!

If you are new to New Zealand and you have no idea what a Dairy is, or you’ve just got told off for calling a Root something else do not worry, New Zealand is a quirky yet fun place to live. Once you get the hang of it you will fall in love.

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  1. Groceries are expensive, going to your local grocery store will feel like it cost half your weekly wages…
  2. You are never far from something stunning, almost everywhere you go is a photo opportunity.
  3. Heat pumps? Water tight? Insulation? Double glazing? Don’t be an egg New Zealanders are a tough breed, you’re here now. Harden up and realise that we designed our houses this way.
  4. The coffee is amazing! That’s right, New Zealand has some of the highest per-capita coffee brewers and they do a great job at it!
  5. Why yes I would like a drink… What this is a schooner? $12 for a half pint? Drinking in NZ is fairly expensive, don’t be alarmed if you feel like you have to take out a second mortgage to afford the next round.
  6. Glacier hiking – Possibly one of the scariest and best things you can ever do.
  7. Whale watching – There is an entire city that had to get a bank loan so they could set up this industry, now look at Kaikoura they are world famous!
  8. Don’t like feet? Get over it. Walking around in bare feet is common practice, if you don’t have to wear shoes then why wear shoes?
  9. Skiing – Where do you want to go? There is an island with over 22 ski fields and the population of a small city to compete with.
  10. You will never be alone. You may feel like it, but people from all over the world flock to NZ.
  11. Volcanos! You see that mountain behind you? It’s volcanic and could blow any time, the locals never get tired of telling you that it’s 300 years past due.
  12. Everyone has 10 mutual friends on Facebook. It makes dating on tinder easy. Even if you’re from a different city, you will have someone common to talk about.
  13. Sand duning – What is that you ask? It’s literally getting a boogie board and jumping off a massive sand dune! Possibly the most fun you can have with your pants on.
  14. There is always something awesome to explore, even on your day off there is something to do. See that little hill behind your house? Don’t forget that you would have called it a mountain back home.
  15. Only 5% of NZ’s population is human and the rest are animals.
  16. The All Blacks, Cricket or Netball. You will learn that there is only three sports in New Zealand. Kiwis really like the simplification, much like the fashion.
  17. Just pretend to know the rules of the sport. Some of us grew up here and still have no idea how Cricket works. Why should we either?
  18. You’ll constantly be laughing at their accents. It’s all in the way kiwis say: Deck, fish and Chips, ask for a Pen, or if their name is Ben.
  19. The culture is amazing. Did you know that the local Maori were the only indigenous people who couldn’t be conquered? Instead the British signed a treaty… Then stole their land later.
  20. Hot Springs. New Zealand is so close to volcanic activity, that you can dig a hole on a beach and create your own hot pool, absolutely crazy.
  21. Bungee jumping. Yes it was invented in New Zealand and if you spend more than 6 months here, you will start to realise how crazy these kiwis are, and how it was invented.
  22. Hokey pokey, Pineapple lumps, Jaffas do we need to say any more?
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