The Current All Blacks Are The Most Powerful Team Ever!

All Blacks most dominant rugby ever
All Blacks most dominant rugby ever


Its indisputable, the All Blacks are one of the greatest sporting teams ever, but can we tell that the 2016 era has been the best ever?

The All Blacks arrived in America on the back of 18 consecutive victories, a new record for a major international team. Yet the length of such runs is not the best way to gauge the ability of a side, since these numbers do not account for the strength of the opposition.

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The most reliable measure of team quality comes from Rugby Vision, a predictive model assembled by Niven Winchester, an economist at MIT who also researches rugby probabilities. The system forecasts the results and margins of victory for all major international and most domestic matches.

Discover how the 2016 All Blacks are the most powerful team ever!

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