19 reasons why growing up in NZ was the best


Growing up in New Zealand is very unique and we all love our childhood memories.

We have put together 19 of the best things about growing up as a kiwi. Check out all the tweets trending on the #growingupkiwi hashtag in NZ now.

19 – Harold the Giraffe


18 – What Now

The best part of waking up on a Sunday.

17 – K Bars


16 – Bugger

Having a legitimate reason for using this word.

15 – Fish & Chips


14 – Thingie

Never mind his name, that moment he lost an eye

13 – Briscoes

12 – Traffic Jams


11 – Goodnight Kiwi

Possibly the best thing about growing up in NZ.

10 – Kiwi Racism

9 – School Assemblies


8 – Bluebird Ghost Chips

We can’t explain it, but there is nothing like the feeling of opening up a bag of air and finding a few chips inside.ghost-chips

7 – Lamb Jokes

6 – Georgie Pie


5 – The Warehouse


4 – Feeling left out

As if the rest of the world forgot we existed.

3 – Small Towns


2 – Billy T

The Legend

1 – Jandals


Did we miss something? Tell us in the comments below 🙂