How countries compare: New Zealand “most sociable”, while US has the most guns.

New Zealand
New Zealand
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According to a new list in The Telegraph, New Zealand stands out from the rest of the world for being 1) the most sociable, and 2) the nicest country in the world. As New Zealanders we find it hard to disagree.

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But what are they saying about the citizenship of other countries? Take a look at these other interesting “world leading” facts:


Citizens take lead in meat eating – about 120kg annually each. They also own the most guns, with 112.6 for every 100 residents.


Residents of Iceland are the most likely to smoke marijuana, with 18.3% of the population indulging.


The Dutch are the tallest people on the planet, with men averaging 1.838m and women 1.699m.


Greenland is considered to be the emptiest country, with a population density rounded to the nearest decimal place – of 0.0.

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Belarus is the most intoxicated, with 17.5 litres of alcohol a year consumed on average by each citizen.


Residents of Andorra consume the most wine, with 56.9 litres each on average in 2014.


In US dollar terms, Egypt has the cheapest Big Macs in the world with $4.38 buying 3 Big Macs!

big mac

In comparison, the most expensive place  is Switzerland, where you’ll pay $6.35 for just one of the burgers.


According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Mexicans work the hardest, laboring an average of 43.2 hours each a week.

India and Bangladesh

India and Bangladesh have the lowest rates of meat eating, at just 4.4 kg and 4 kg each per person a year.

India is also the cheapest, while Bermuda is most expensive.


Maldives has the highest divorce rate of 10.97. The UN estimates that by the age of 30, the average Maldivian woman will have been divorced 3 times.



Qatar is least likely to have any kind of natural disaster.


The cheapest petrol can be found in Venezuela – at just 1c per litre.

And last, but definitely not least,


The most generous country,


Costa Rica

The most cheerful.