The 8 Best Maps Without New Zealand

nz not on the map
nz not on the map

It’s hard to miss our little country, tucked all the way down there… With only 268,021 km² in land mass, New Zealand takes up less than 0.04% of the entire world.

The problem of New Zealand being excluded from maps is getting more and more publicity. The issue is not new, the Tumblr page ‘World Maps Without New Zealand‘, subreddit ‘Maps without New Zealand on them‘ and even the Facebook page ‘World Maps Without New Zealand‘ have all addressed the issue for a while now.

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A glance at any of these websites reveals countless people with tattoos of maps that exclude New Zealand, as well as jewellery, trinkets and traditional maps – all with a similar omission.

Some of the best examples of New Zealand excluded from the world map.


New Zealand Government website without NZ on the map

Apparently, this was a joke by someone within the NZ Government, at least we can laugh at ourselves.

maps without NZ NZGovt e
New Zealand Government Website


United Nations Logo without New Zealand

united nations logo without NZ
United Nations Logo


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The Game Of Risk without NZ

risk board without NZ Map
The Game of Risk without NZ


Technically, the New York Times Magazine

NY Times NZ off the Map
Copyright New York TImes – NZ Not On The Map

IKEA Map without New Zealand

As it turns out, IKEA has now fixed the missing NZ map Issue. 

Ikea NZ without a Map e
Spotted in IKEA Sydney

Pixar’s Monsters University

monsters university nz not on the map


The Pyongyang International Airport missing NZ from the Map

pyongyang map missing NZ from the map e


Nutella missing New Zealand from Map

nutella missing New Zealand from Map
World Nutella Day, Missing NZ from the Map.

Do you have any other examples of NZ not on the map? Send us a link in the comments below.