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Best job interview EVER? NZ tech employers offer to fly in 100 candidates!

air nz wellington
air nz wellington

Would you ever expect a potential employer to pay your transport costs to get to a job interview? What if the interview were overseas?

A New Zealand tech industry partnership is offering candidates the chance to fly to Wellington, all-expenses paid, where they will battle for roles.

But wait, do they expect anything in return? Simply that shortlisted candidates are extremely talented in the field of Information Technology (IT).

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The programme is a partnership between the NZ government’s Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency (WREDA) and global recruitment company WorkHere New Zealand.

fly to wellington
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It’s main aim is to address Wellington’s IT skills shortage by recruiting new software developers, creative directors, and product managers to plug the city’s tech industry skill shortage.

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The initiative will choose 100 IT professionals to fly to Wellington and take part in a battle-for-job-supremacy.

Flights and accommodation will be covered, and participants will have a series of pre-arranged job interviews with employers who have roles that match their skills.

Interested candidates should apply online by March 20, after which the most successful profiles will be selected by tech bosses from around the city.

Interviews are scheduled to be held in Wellington in May 2017.