9 amazing photos that will make you want to visit Taranaki

Reflection of Mount Taranaki 1


Taranaki has just been voted by the Lonely Planet as one of the world’s best regions to visit.

Taranaki is a wonderland with world-class beaches, a perfectly formed volcano and some of the worlds best walking tracks, making Taranaki one of the worlds top destinations. Below we have put together some of the reasons you should visit.


1 Elephant Rock

This uniquely formed rock is one of Taranakis most famouse attractions. Take a stroll along the beach to see the  pinnacles known as the Three Sisters and Elephant Rock, if you’re lucky you will find the old Maori rock carvings in some of the hidden caves.


2 Dawson Falls

To get to the Falls you will be able to visit one of the world’s oldest operating power generator. The Dawson Falls were named after Thomas Dawson, who was the first European to discover this amazing waterfall.


3 Cape Egmont Lighthouse

Cape Egmont Lighthouse is a visible marker that stands tall on the most western part of Taranaki. Built in London in the 1800s, the cast-iron lighthouse was shipped to New Zealand, this lighthouse has some of the most spectacular views that no image is able to show.

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4 The Beach

Have you ever had one of those busy days that makes you long for a playful, fun day at the beach? Taranaki has many fun stops along the coastline, and with sights like these, why wouldn’t you want to visit?


5 Te Rewa Rewa Bridge

This bridge is remarkably beautiful and architecturally unique, it has been created to frame the perfectly formed Mt Taranaki volcano. This bridge is a must see if you visit the area.


6 Pouakai Circuit

This is the National Park’s premier hike, which takes 2–3 days to complete. It includes spectacular views of Mt Taranaki and the surrounding countryside.


7 The Poets Bridge

This bridge is in Pukekura Park which is often described as the jewel in New Plymouth’s crown, covering 52ha right in the middle of the city. This is a place for young and old alike, with a fernery that is accessible for all ages and a lake to wander around, you can even hire boats to paddle around the lake.

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8 Mt Taranaki Summit

The 8-12 hour hike to  the summit of Mt Taranaki leads you to one of the best views you will ever see. From on top of this perfectly formed mountain you will realize how small New Zealand really is, off in the distance you will be able to the the great Mt Reuapehu and even the south island.


9 City of Taranaki

We could not forget about the centerpoint of Taranaki, this country town is one of our favourite places to visit. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to wake up with a view of the beach, the city or the mountain, Taranaki has plenty of places for you to stay and visit.



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