A weekend in Wellington: It’s all about the food!

mount victoria
mount victoria

The Capital of NZ is famous for amazing fresh food, craft beer, & quality coffee and wine, Wellington is New Zealand’s Melbourne.

My weekend in Wellington started with brunch. As I walked into the local roastery Mojo Coffee, the smell of toasted beef mince teased my appetite. I ordered mushrooms with lemon, feta and basil pesto – outrageously good!

Full from brunch, I wandered around for a while in the sun, taking in the sights and sounds. After that, I headed to hillside to take in a heavenly view from the botanic gardens.

mount victoria

After the sun set, I went to The Bresolin to meet with the organizers of Wellington On A Plate, arguably the best food festival in New Zealand. Here I ordered a pork knuckle – a dish very close to my heart. Wellington On A Plate is held every year in the last two weeks of August. This year The Bresolin is among 136 restaurants taking part in 120 various events and themed menus, followed-up by a craft beer festival.

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Early Sunday morning, I woke up surprisingly refreshed and decided to visit harbor side market and enjoy a little more culture. Beer culture.

Onto Six Barrel Soda for some refreshing soda pop with the organizers of Beervana, a craft beer festival in Wellington. They describe their event as being like “Willy Wonka for beer lovers.”

bucket fountain

While taste-testing soda flavors, we spoke about Beervana, as well as lead-up event The Road To Beervana. They describe The Road to Beervana as a “tantric journey through tastings, dinners, takeovers, pop-ups, screenings, games, and an assortment of other unique ex-beer-iences.” Who can resist that? I certainly can’t, and I decide right then and there to return to Wellington in August.

Talking about beer and food made me hungry again, so we headed to Golding’s Free Dive on Leeds Street. This small non-smoking bar is filled with Star Wars details.  It also serves pizzas from a nearby cafe which has official Italian accreditation.

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At Golding‘s I tried a sourdough ale so good I decided to stop and enjoy the rest of my night there, saving the Garage Project for the following day. Another haven for beer drinkers, the Garage Project offers a peach beer and a Champagne beer.


There are other notable mentions from my time in Wellington. In particular, paua dumplings paired with a red wine cocktail with a foam, and vintage shopping on Cuba Street.

If you are a foodie planning a holiday in this part of the world, you really can’t go past “New Zealand’s Melbourne.”  Wellington’s amazing craft beer scene is foodie heaven, and its stunning views make the city a perfect destination for wandering and shopping.