The 7 Best Bridges in New Zealand

Redwoods Treewalk
Redwoods Treewalk

1. Treetop Bridges – Redwoods Treewalk

The amazing Redwoods Treewalk suspension bridge hovers over native undergrowth.  It’s located within the main Redwood Grove, near Rotorua on the North Island.

Redwoods Treewalk
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2. Railway Bridges – Hauraki Rail Trail

Located south of Auckland, Hauraki Rail Trail showcases some of the best scenery in New Zealand.

Hauraki Rail Trail
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3. Suspension Bridges – Hooker Valley Track

For more stunning New Zealand views, do not miss the Hooker Valley Track in Mt Cook. This is the easiest and cheapest way of catching fantastic views of Mt Cook. Definitely worth a visit.

Hooker Valley Track
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4. Suspension Bridges – The Blue Pools

Walk over this bridge and the blue pools and crystal waters beneath will make you think you’re in the Swiss Alps. Enjoy the Blue Pools, then follow the trail down the valley for a couple of hours. It’s an easy, relaxing walk.

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The Blue Pools
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5. Suspension Bridges – Copland Track

The Copland Track has long been popular among locals and in recent years has become a feature on the international hiking trail.  It’s easy to see why: as you step onto the bridge, you feel like you’re stepping into a magical woodland.

Copland Track
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6. Bungy Bridges – The Kawarau Bridge

Situated along the picturesque Kawarau river, The Kawarau Bridge provides high levels of adrenaline for the bravest people. Its also the site of New Zealand’s highest bungy – The Nevis Bungy!

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The Kawarau Bridge
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7. Historic Bridges – Edith Cavell Bridge

This heritage-listed bridge was built at the end of World War I and is named after an heroic nurse. The bridge improved the historic route that gold miners used to take as they sought their fortune.

The bridge overlooks the Shotover River, which is a popular white-water rafting location.

Edith Cavell Bridge
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