Several businesses are finding Managed Services Provider (MSP) advantageous. According to CompTIA’s 2016 Buying Guide for Managed Services, about sixty-four organizations use some kind of managed service. And from predictions, rapid growth is imminent. This article will analyze the top 5 reasons companies and business owners are beginning to choose MSPs.

What is a Managed Service Provider?

Small and medium-sized businesses often struggle to hire, train, and maintain a full-time IT staff, particularly because of the included cost. Hence, the introduction of Manager Service Providers. MSPs let businesses outsource, whether a part or all of their daily technology and IT needs. MSPs are sometimes referred to as Managed IT Services Company.

Manger Service Providers either become a part of your IT department or take full responsibilities for your IT activities, offering a team of experienced and well-trained IT experts that help in fixing IT issues and monitor and your company’s network. Without gainsaying, no internal IT staff can fill the role of an MSP.

Thankfully, MSPs are solely focused on everything IT-related. Their level of expertise is usually unmatched, equipped with up-to-date training, attending industry conferences, etc. Manager Service Providers also partner with leading companies and major distributors, providing the best-priced software and hardware products. They sometimes serve as middlemen for companies that do not sell directly to businesses.

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Generally, Managed IT Services Companies help a great deal in saving costs. Apart from saving costs, there are several other reasons to use a managed service provider. We’ve discussed the top five reasons below.

Here are 5 Advantages (in addition to cost savings) That MSPs Provide

  1. MSPs ensure business continuity by reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Undoubtedly, slow or crashed computer systems impair business productivity. MSP technicians are solely focused on ensuring that your customers enjoy the best and smoothest technology. Consequently, they employ pragmatic and proactive approaches to avoid (and eliminate, as the case may be) several IT issues. And Connectwise Integrations

  • Improve security

PricewaterhouseCoopers reported about a 38% increase in cyberattacks between 2014 and 2015, with about 48% of the attacks targeted at small-scale businesses (according to Symantec). With a Manager Service provider, you can be sure of staying updated on the most recent threats to security and employ the best security software to keep your data safe.

  • Predictable cost structure
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Businesses find it challenging to have a cost budget of technology because of its unstable nature. Nonetheless, you can trust MSPs to help you develop a tailored plan in tandem with your budget. This ensures your business’ technologies perform maximally.

  • Speed of Delivery

MSPs usually offer a monthly service fee. Hence, they understand that hiring the best IT professionals to solve your IT problems as quickly as possible is advantageous to them. Thus, they do everything possible to ensure a swift speed of service delivery. Additionally, most Manager Service Providers offer the best competitive pricing for both software and hardware.

  • Peace of mind

The peace of mind business owners enjoys from hiring an expert MSP can never be exaggerated. You can relax, knowing that your IT needs are handled by the best IT professionals available.

Without gainsaying, almost all businesses need IT. However, some companies aren’t financially buoyant to hire an entire IT department, especially small and medium-scale businesses. Are you one of such business owners? There is really no need to worry – Manager Service Providers are the best alternative!