5 interesting facts about life in New Zealand

church mangamuka new zealand
church mangamuka new zealand

While on those Flights to Baltimore, try asking yourself questions like “how well do I know Baltimore”. Truth is, we do not really know much about where we stay or where we want to travel. Permit me to use this opportunity to open your eyes to stories outside what you already know. Using New Zealand as a case study, here are 5 unspoken truths about life in New Zealand.

The Whanganui River is the first to get human rights recognition

It is not every day that you get to witness religion getting a permit from the rule of law and legislation. This river is popular among New Zealanders for its spiritual importance. In March 2007, the fight for over 160 years was won as the river got a human rights status. This is one of the very rare cases where issues of beliefs play a role in the proceedings of law.

Not a place for change

For those who do not know, you are not expected to tip people in New Zealand. This goes for virtually all service providers from room attendant to taxi drivers. Unlike some places where they even, expect you to drop a certain percentage of your bill as change. They will not turn down some extra cash as a show of appreciation. However, it is worthy to note that there is no such thing as “change”. Certain currencies are no longer in circulation. As a result, the locals will round certain figures to the nearest whole number. Have this in mind when next you are paying for something.

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Chiefs of women advocacy

Feminism is always on the news with a lot of people airing their opinions on it. Most people are usually in support of it (through their words alone). Despite the plenty talk, very few countries have made adequate steps to giving women opportunities to show what they have to offer. New Zealand is one of such countries. It is the first country to give women the right to vote and be voted for. It is also the first country to have women occupying all three major positions (prime minister, governor-general and chief judge).

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This is the home of the longest place in the world

Forgive my spelling just in case I miss a letter or two. Taumata Whakatangi Hangakoauau O Tamatea Turi Pukakapiki Maunga Horo Nuku Pokai Whenua Kitanatahu is actually a place in New Zealand and it holds the record of the place with the longest place in New Zealand (it contains eight five letter). You definitely do not want to send mail or post cards to this place. I am still trying to pronounce its name and I am not making so much progress. It is a town located in Hawke’s bay.

Landing strip with a railway line

Now this is a bit too extreme I must say. While there are other forms of transportation that go together, this is one that seems a little off. It is actually true that the North-Grisbone rail line actually runs through Grisbone airport. This has become one thing most tourists love to see as some of them take this particular train route to get a view.