44 thoughts North Islanders have when they visit the South Island

why we love nz
why we love nz

north-islanders-south-island-nzWe are all part of the same country, but the North and South Islands of New Zealand seem like worlds apart. You will notice it as soon as you arrive, the way they speak, the country side and what the wear, it’s like you’re visiting another country, within your own country!

Below is 44 thoughts that everyone from the North Island has when they visit the South Island.


  1. Do people actually live here?
  2. Why are people waving at me?
  3. OMG, why hasn’t it stopped raining?
  4. Where did the sun go?
  5. And why is it so cold down here?
  6. I must have gone too far and ended up in Antarctica
  7. Ugh, I can’t wear my jandals down here!
  8. This explains why Icebreaker came from here, it’s so bloody cold!
  9. I’m definitely not in the same country
  10. Are they weird? Why are they being so nice?
  11. Do they want something from me?
  12. I haven’t seen people in days, just like the sun
  13. There are more cows down here than people!
  14. On the plus side, no traffic
  15. Road-tripping is pretty amazing down here
  16. These roads are windy, those yellow speed signs should be followed
  17. I’m not driving over that bridge, the railway goes down there!
  18. I’m hungry, where are all the BurgerFuels?
  19. This is just crazy, everywhere must have a BurgerFuel
  20. Hmm, let’s see what all the Fergburger fuss is about
  21. Alright, it’s pretty good, the they need to open up a branch in Auckland
  22. What?! there’s no vegetarian special on the menu, only steak?
  23. Where can I get my Grande, Iced, Sugar-Free, Vanilla Latte With Soy Milk?
  24. I’m not touching that!
  25. I don’t think the South Island wine is that good, I think the North wine is the best
  26. Actually, Marlborough definitely wins
  27. Yay, I found a beautiful beach, let’s go swimming!
  28. Nope, never again. That was absolutely freezing
  29. You South Islanders should check out the Coromandel. Now that’s a real beach!
  30. Let’s go party!
  31. Oh wait, are there any pubs here?
  32. You’re kidding, they close at 8pm? Fuuuu!
  33. What’s up with Gumboots?
  34. I thought the Swanndri died years ago
  35. OMG, is she wearing a polar fleece?
  36. No wonder they like to throw themselves off bridges, luckily they have a string attached!
  37. Who on earth would I want to throw themselves off the country’s highest bridge for fun?
  38. Or forget that, who would want to jump out of a plane?
  39. Do you think I’ll need my jacket today?
  40. Is that even a question?
  41. Why are there massive chunks of Ice here?
  42. Oh, that is a glacier!
  43. Wow, this is what mountains should actually look like
  44. I’ve got to admit, it is pretty damn special down here!
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