40yo NZ goose in bisexual love triangle with swans dies

thomas the uncle goose duck
thomas the uncle goose duck

Thomas a visually impaired, bisexual goose, who spent his later years in a strange love triangle, has died.

Thomas the bisexual goose

Thomas became well known with the residents of Waimanu Lagoon on the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand, where he lived for more than 30 years.

thomas the bisexual goose dies

The 40-year-old isolated himself from other geese in the region and picked a male black swan named Henry as his life partner instead.

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Henry and Thomas spent 24 years together, before a female black swan named Henrietta came between the pair.

Henry and Henrietta hooked up and compensating for lost time, had many cygnets together over more than six years.

Oddly enough, Thomas didn’t move on and turned into the awkward third-wheel of the relationship, as a sudo-uncle to Henry and Henrietta’s cygnets.

thomas the uncle goose duck

The trio lived together and became neighborhood celebrities until Henry passed on at 30 years old. After Thomas suffered from a progression of medical issues, he was put into care and spent the rest of his life enjoying a uniquely crafted wellspring with other visually impaired birds.

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There’s now discussions of Thomas being buried at the Lagoon, where his partner Henry has been buried.