New Zealand Named The Richest, Healthiest, Happiest & Most Prosperous Country



London’s Legatum Institute has announced its 10th annual Global Prosperity Index comparing more than 104 variables from gross domestic product per-capita to a country’s percentage of  full-time employees.

The survey also takes into consideration factors such as people’s well-being and how well-rested they feel.

The variables are divided into 9 sub-categories: Economic quality; Business environment; Governance; Education; Health; Safety and security; Personal freedom; Social capital; and Natural environment.

149 countries are included in the index and the past 7 years Norway has come top of the list. This year, however, there’s a new # 1. . .

25. Portugal

Portugal makes it into the top 50 countries, with the highest score for Personal freedom where it came 10th.


24. Malta

Located in the Mediterranean Sea, Malta appeared in the top 20 in 4 fields, scoring highest in Social capital where it placed 8th overall.


23. Hong Kong

Although Hong Kong is not recognized officially by the UN as an independent country, it has its own place in the Prosperity Index. Hong Kong has the 4th best Business environment anywhere on earth.


22. Japan

With low level of economic activity, Japan is still considered one of the world’s most advanced countries, ranking 3rd for Security, and 4th for Health.


21. Spain

Difficulties in Spain’s political life have had great impact on the country’s overall image, and due to 15 scores for Safety and Natural environment, it fails being in the list of the world’s 20 most advanced countries.


20. Slovenia

If you’ve ever been to Slovenia you’ll agree that its nature is breathtaking, and thanks to this, it is known as one of Europe’s most prosperous countries.

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19. Singapore

Often referred to as Lion City, Singapore is a global commerce and finance hub where living conditions are close to perfect. According to the Prosperity Index, Singapore ranks 2nd for Health, and 1st for Safety and security.


18. France

Despite its economic crisis, France scored remarkably well across the board, and appeared in the 4th place with its Natural environment.


17. United States

To nobody’s great surprise, the USA fell from 11th to 17th place in 2016. In spite of this, as an economic magnate, the USA still ranks in 1st place for its Business environment.


16. Belgium

With its rich culture, Belgium ranks in the top 10 for Personal freedom, and Education.


15. Austria

The birthplace of beer, Austria takes 9th place for Safety and security, making it an ideal European country for living.


14. Iceland

Situated in the north corner of the world, Iceland might not be an obvious inclusion in a list of the most prosperous countries, but due to its Security, Personal freedom, and Social capital indexes, it ranks in the top 5.


13. Ireland

Ireland’s takes 5th place for Personal freedom, and ranks 7th in the Education category.


12. Luxembourg

Consistently ranked among the world’s top 3 nations for wealth and wine consumption, Luxembourg takes top place for Freedom, and Health.


11. Germany

As the 2nd most popular immigration destination in the world, Germany appears in the top 10, but takes 5th place for Economic quality.


10. United Kingdom

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With 65 million inhabitants, the United Kingdom has improved its position from 15th to 5th, ranking highest in Business environment.


9. Denmark

Located in the Scandinavian Peninsula, Denmark is among the countries in this region with the highest standard of living coming in 9th.  For Safety and Security, it came 5th.


8. Sweden

Denmark overtakes its near neighbor Sweden, ranking 3rd in Economic quality and 5th for Domination.


7. Netherlands

A land of fresh flowers and vintage fashion, the Netherlands ranks 2nd in Education and Economic quality, also making the top 5 in two other sub-indexes.


6. Australia

Famous for its natural wonders, Australia comes 2nd in the Social capital category, improving its overall place from 7th in 2015.


5. Canada

Canada takes 3rd place for Social capital and Business environment. For Personal freedom, it ranks 2nd.


4. Switzerland

Alpine paradise Switzerland takes 3rd overall, due to its amazing Education and great Healthcare.


3. Finland

Known for its picturesque lakes, Finland’s number one achievement is having the best governance in the world, according to the Legatum Institute.


2. Norway

For 7 years Norway has held the top spot, but not this year. In 2017 Norway’s highest individual ranking was 3rd in the Governance index.


1. New Zealand

Aaaaaaaaaaand first place goes to New Zealand!! As stated by the Legatum Institute, New Zealand is officially the most prosperous country on earth. We ranked top in the Social capital and Economic quality indexes, and took 2nd place for both Governance and Business environment.